Phase 2 of reopening will start on 19 Jun 2020.

These activities will resume in phase 2;

  • Small-group social gatherings of up to any 5 people. 
  • Retail businesses may reopen their physical outlets.
  • Food and beverage dine-in will be allowed, with up to 5 people allowed to sit together. 
  • Tuition and other private enrichment classes can resume.
  • Personal health and wellness, and home-based services will be allowed to resume.
  • Registered clubs and societies will be allowed to operate at their registered premises.
  • All other healthcare services, including eldercare services in the community, individual health screenings will resume.
  • Aesthetic services will resume.
  • Face-to-face visitations at residential facilities for the elderly, including nursing homes, welfare homes, sheltered homes and adult disability homes, will resume.
  • Playgrounds, beaches, lawns and fields, stadia, swimming complexes, sports halls, hard courts, gyms, fitness studios, bowling centres and function rooms will open.
  • Larger public venues with high human traffic such as malls and large standalone retail outlets will be subject to capacity limits, and operators will be required to prevent crowds or long queues from building up within and in the immediate vicinity of their premises. 

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Stay safe!

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