Bus Charter

As a bus charter company in Singapore, our team pride ourselves on our impeccable services. We have a growing business and we are constantly adding the vehicles so that we can serve a larger client base.

Flexible booking

We offer both trip based as well as hourly based bookings. Let us give you some idea of what they are.

  • Trip based bookings: Give us an estimate of the journey you will be making, the desired destination and the pickup location and also the number of passengers. Based upon these parameters, we will draw the final cost and allow you to confirm your booking.
  • Hour based booking: In this style of bus charter, you are free to visit the places you want and we bill our clients on the basis of number of hours they avail our bus services. This is a more flexible option for those who want to visit numerous places and are not sure of the distance they will be covering and may make impromptu changes too.

Bus transport services for office / factory staff

We provide bus transport service for factories whereby we ensure their staff reports for work timely. When you choose our bus services, you can rest assured that we are reliable. Our buses will be ready at the time you have booked them. We are aware of the need to be punctual because reaching your office on time is important.

School Bus Service

We serve schools around Singapore by ferrying students to school on time and ensuring they arrive home safely after school. On top of that, we also provide buses for Extra Curriculum Activities and other school activities. We do not send damaged buses to pick students because we adhere to the highest quality standards.

Shuttle Bus Service

We provide shuttle bus service for shopping establishments as well as for short term events. This makes it accessible for visitors to visit the event in comfort. At Ebus, you will find plenty of variety. We are hailed as one of the top bus service company and this is why we aspire to improve our services even further. We offer both trip based and hourly based booking arrangements. No matter what you are looking for, feel free to approach us and we can sort out and offer you the best arrangements.

Airport Transfer

For travelers arriving or departing Singapore, we provide ferrying service to and fro the airport. This is convenient for groups of 4 persons or more with several luggage which may not fit into a cab. We assure you that our services will make you happy because we place your comfort as our priority.

These are some of the key highlights of our services. Feel free to take a look at the different details listed on our site to come to the right decision as to which of our bus services seem best suited for you. At EBus, you will get the best quality at the right price.

Bus Charter / Worker Transport between Singapore and Malaysia 

For bus charter from Singapore to Malaysia, we have licensed buses with the necessary permit and insurance to ensure passengers have ease of mind knowing they are covered.

For companies with workers transiting between Malaysia and Singapore, we have a reliable partner with many years of experience providing safe and reliable transport for your workers

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