With regards to booking of buses for charter or worker trip, we have listed the requirement from LTA with regards to passenger safety;

Mandatory mask-wearing by commuters

In light of MOH’s latest advisory on Covid-19, it is mandatory, with immediate effect, for all to wear masks when they are outside of their homes. This also applies to passengers travelling onboard an Excursion Bus, Private Hire Bus, Private Bus or School Bus. As such, you shall ensure that your bus driver(s) disallow any passenger who is not wearing a mask from boarding any of your bus(es). Your bus driver(s) shall also take appropriate action to ask the passenger to wear his/her mask if the passenger removes his/her mask while travelling in your bus(es). For any uncooperative passenger onboard your bus(es) who refuses to wear a mask, your bus driver shall stop the bus at a location that does not obstruct traffic flow and is safe for alighting, and ask the passenger to alight. For abusive passengers, please ask your bus driver to call Police for assistance.

There is no requirement for social distancing on buses but passengers are not allowed to interact in the bus.

Contact us should you have any queries or you may indicate under additional information when making bus booking under Trip booking or Hourly booking.

Stay safe!

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